racing game

The existence of racing games can be traced all the way back to 1982 when the first ever popular racing game, Pole Position, was released by Namco. By the standards of video gaming that were set in the 1980s, the game was indeed a masterpiece since it had graphics that were in color.

Moreover, the game was a hit in the arcade scene as many touted the game to be one of the best they’d seen in ages. If we were to compare Pole Position with the racing games that are being released today, we’d see more differences than similarities.

Although the game featured a rear-view camera style which we can see today, the game at its core is still very much different. Let us look at how modern racing titles are different and how you can win them.

1.     The plethora of variables

With graphics that are genuinely life-like and physics being a key component is all the racing titles today, the core objective of many of these games haven’t changed all that much. You have to either make it to the finish line first or beat the clock. But the way this is achieved involves a plethora of variables that include the performance of the car, the tactics you employ and also the corners.

2.     The controller you use



What controller you use is crucial since they are responsible for enabling giving you a sense of control over your vehicle. Some might prefer using a traditional controller whereas some might prefer using a racing wheel. But in the end, it all comes down to what you want to use. If you are unsure about which one you like, try different controllers, even the ones that your friends use to get a better idea.

3.     The type of game

Racing games today can be differentiated into two; arcade and simulation-based. Arcade games allow you more freedom than simulation-based games. It is essential to identify the type because of two reasons. You’ll get an idea as to how racing games are evolving and also if one game has different styles, you’ll be able to experience the range of game types that you can find in only one title.

4.     The basics

A critical aspect in mastering any racing game is the ability to learn speed. Apart from this, you also need to mind how you cut corners and also how and where you need to drift. It is important veer to the far side of the track before you start cutting corners so as to maintain speed. When it comes to drifting, you need to keep in mind that it can reduce your speed and should only be used if it is absolutely necessary. Apply brakes more than drifting when it comes to corners.


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